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Inefficient mining practices could mean your gold mine is a major pollutant. Thankfully, Green Gold Management can help you shift away from wasteful mining techniques. Instead, we'll teach you how to use the same methods we utilize in our mines.

With our guidance, you can learn how to use less fresh water while processing even more material than before. We'll also go over ways to remove harmful mercury from the water and soil, so it can be reused in other applications.

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Green metals available on-demand

Need to buy green precious metals? We have green gold, silver and platinum available for sale. Our metals come from our own green mines or from mines we're certain are green.

You can also sell us your green precious metals. You can trust us to offer you a fair price after fully evaluating the metals.

Why work with us?

At Green Gold Management, we believe greener practices are important for both the planet and the mining industry. We're committed to working with mine owners so they can improve their practices to meet changing state and federal regulations.

You can rely on us because we:

Have over 20 years of industry experience
Take pride in the work we do
Value honesty and trustworthiness
Can help you work with federal and state governments

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